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Artificial Eye Blog

Our artificial eye blog includes articles and stories about living with artificial eyes and tips for care of prosthetic eyes. Whether you are doing research to determine whether a prosthetic eye is right for you or are looking for helpful information regarding the care of your artificial eye or scleral shell, our blog is an excellent resource. If you can’t find the information you are looking for in our blog, you can always contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Woman with prosthetic eye looking at her reflection in a mirror
Patient Interest

How often should I take my ocular prosthesis out?

Taking care of your ocular prothesis and keeping it well lubricated is important for comfort…
A doctor checks an infant's eyes for signs of micropthalmia or anophthalmia.
Patient Interest

How to Treat Microphthalmia and Anophthalmia for Your Child

Learn what causes microphthalmia and anophthalmia and how medical technology can restore facial development in…
Ocularist holds a beautiful prosthetic eye in his fingers
Prosthetic Eyes
Glass Eyes? History. Artificial Eyes Are Now Acrylic
close up photograph of a woman’s eye with long lashes
Prosthetic Eyes
Difference Between Eye Drops & Lubricants for Prosthetic Eyes
A green graphic featuring the words “Patient stories” next to a picture of Northwest Eye Design patient Shari Cook
Patient Stories
Northwest Eye Design — Shari’s Prosthetic Eye Story
Blonde woman with sunglasses drinking water from a blue thermos near the ocean.
Prosthetic Eyes
How to Keep Your Prosthetic Eye Comfortable in Summer Heat

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