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How often should I take my ocular prosthesis out?

By March 3, 2023March 6th, 2023Patient Interest, Prosthetic Eyes
Woman with prosthetic eye looking at her reflection in a mirror

Taking care of your ocular prothesis and keeping it well lubricated is important for comfort and appearance. The tear film produced by the eye helps to keep the prosthesis lubricated and clean from debris. It is an essential component for a healthy and comfortable socket and prosthesis. This delicate balance can be disrupted by activities such as rubbing or touching your prothesis, wiping your eyes too vigorously or even taking out your prosthesis too often.

A common misconception is that you should take your prosthesis out regularly. However, doing this removes all lubrication and tear film from the surface of the prosthesis. This requires your socket to work harder to reproduce lubrication and tear film. It’s recommended to leave your prosthesis in for weeks or months at a time. The use of additional lubrication may help prevent irritation or infection caused by dirt or debris that accumulates on the surface of the artificial eye. Thankfully, there are products available to mimic tear film and keep your prosthesis lubricated when environmental and lifestyle factors affect our eyes. These products range from specialized eye drops used only on your prosthesis to eye drops that replicate your natural tear film.

It’s important to mention that when using these products to not wipe them away after use. When placing the drops on your prosthesis blink and allow the lubricant to coat the prosthesis well. Then close your eyelid and wipe or dab away the excess without touching the prosthesis.

With these products, people can enjoy leaving their ocular prosthesis in for longer periods of time and better overall eye health! These tips will allow you to keep your artificial eye looking and feeling its best for years to come.