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Better Than I Expected — Joan’s Prosthetic Eye Journey

By July 26, 2021April 4th, 2022Patient Stories
Patient Stories - Joan's Prosthetic Eye Journey

Joan had retinal detachment surgery and lost her vision in 2009.

“For a long time, I didn’t really want to pursue a prosthesis,” says Joan, “I guess I was holding out the hope for a medical breakthrough that would restore my vision. However, after more than a decade of dealing with infections that risked my ‘good eye’, I realized it was time to protect my remaining vision and look into a prosthetic.”

An unexpected result of Joan’s decision to come to Northwest Eye Design is the amount of positive impact and recovery of what she refers to as her “normal appearance” that the procedure would have on her life.

“I never imagined how restorative the prosthetic eye procedure would be,” says Joan, “or how special the experience would be with my ocularists Todd and Tawnya Cranmore and their team. If I had, I would have pursued the prosthetic eye earlier!”

Joan also found it fascinating to watch the actual design and creation of her prosthesis.

“I didn’t expect the prosthesis design to be as artistically and beautifully done, or to so closely restore the original look of my eye. My family and friends have noted how much more relaxed and natural my facial expressions are now,” she says. “Honestly, I never anticipated the larger impact this process would have in revitalizing my personal strength and self-confidence.”

When asked if she had experienced any struggles with the process, Joan responded, “I’m still getting used to removing the eye monthly for cleaning and maintenance – not so much because it’s difficult, but because the eye now feels so real.”

“I just can’t say enough to communicate my appreciation for the exceptional experience I’ve had with Northwest Eye Design. Todd and Tawnya Cranmore and their staff were so focused, skilled, and supportive.

I have told my story to so many of my family and friends, and look forward to the opportunity to continue to share it and Northwest Eye Design with anyone who could benefit from a similar experience!”