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Northwest Eye Design — Shari’s Prosthetic Eye Story

By November 2, 2021April 4th, 2022Patient Stories
A green graphic featuring the words “Patient stories” next to a picture of Northwest Eye Design patient Shari Cook

Shari was born without a retina in her right eye, along with a cataract. This preceded several procedures to tighten her optic muscles and eventual glaucoma surgery.

That surgery, in turn, led to repeated nodules needing to be surgically dealt with until the eventual removal of her eye in 2013.

“My eye was removed October 4th, 2013,” says Shari. “I have to this day had ninety-six surgeries and procedures, but my eye removal was the worst. I was not prepared for that type of pain.”

Since receiving her prostheses from NW Eye Design, Shari has been free of the daily pain and discomfort that had been her routine. She’s also been amazed at how good the replacement looks, both to herself and her friends, family, and co-workers.

“I get lots of compliments when someone finds out my right eye isn’t real.” She says, “It looks so natural.”

“Still,” Shari laughs, “I kinda miss having one green eye and one blue eye…but NO regrets!”