Mini Eye Patch

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Mini eye patch measures approximately 3” by 2”. This eye patch is a great design for sufficient coverage for most people. Mini comes in two curvatures: standard curve for those who might need to use bandages or padding underneath and low curve for those who desire to wear the patch with glasses.

  • measures 3” by 2”
  • medium coverage eyecup
  • two curvatures available
  • machine washable ultra-suede
  • adjustable velcro band

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Additional information

Weight 0.29 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 2 × 1 in

Standard, Low


XS (22 inches), S (23 inches), M (24 inches), L (25 inches), XL (26 inches)


Black, Blue, Checks, Drops, Loops, Navy, Tan, Cream, Brown, Dots

13 reviews for Mini Eye Patch


    I just want to say thank you very much for mailing my patch at the correct size. I had asked you to change it after I had already submitted my order and the size 25 inch that you sent is perfect the fabric is soft and the blue color is really nice and it fits my eye nicely comfortably although not under my glasses but I think that’s because of the angle of my lenses.

  2. Janet Archer

    Nice idea, but I cannot wear my glasses in the needed position with this patch. Otherwise a nice patch.


    I will return to complete my review when I receive my order.
    I had no feedback during the order fulfillment/shipping stages, and expected to get alerts when the order shipped. I could not track anything online, so it’s been quiet here. Still waiting for USPS 2/14, order placed 2/6

  4. KC

    This patch is cheaply sewn and looks like a soft bra. It is not something i would recommend an adult wear on their eye.

  5. Bob Crown

    This is only patch I am aware of that fits under my glasses.

    Ultra suede “breaths” but real leather would be far superior.

  6. Vincent Unrue

    They are gr8!

  7. Melissa Leopold

    My son needs right eye patched and the strap keeps slipping down over the left eye. The non-patched eye. He wears glasses that also have a strap and we try to fit the strap tight& glasses tight, but strap over the non-patched keeps slipping. I can’t use it.

  8. Phyllis Johnston

    Unfortunately I ordered a “childs” size eye patch. I modified it but ended up getting a “cheapie” eye patch at the local CVS that worked better because it didn’t have velcro but an elastic band that didn’t stick to my hair as badly.

  9. Richard Jernigan

    Have enjoyed doing business with Erickson, merchandise is great, just wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country, I would like to use them for a prosthesis.

  10. Lynn Stevens

    The patch is well made, blocks the light well, and is very cute on top of it! Great service and fast delivery too!

  11. Mary Nichols

    The patch fits comfortably over the eye. It is light weight and does not press against the eye. I only use it on occasions to help me with migraines that cause pressure around the eye, and it does what I thought it might do. So far, I am very pleased. The fabric is light weight, but sturdy, and made in such a way that I think it will last a long time. So far, and it hasn’t been long since I received it, I am very pleased with it.

  12. Harolyn Erickson

    Trying to get a three year old to wear and eye patch is not easy. She hated the stick on ones, refused to wear it, put is on her teddy bear to wear while she had her patch on. The only one we could find locally was an adult size and although it sorta worked, it did allow her to peek out some.

    The one I bought from you is wonderful. Thank you so very much.

  13. Richard Jernigan

    The eye patches arrived quickly, was not comfortable to wear,unlike the mesh type, will continue to see if time necessary to improve comfort factor.

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