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My Fake Eye, The Story of My Prosthesis is a great book for kids detailing the process of having an artificial eye made. Special emphasis on making children comfortable and understanding the whole process. Often, because of emotional stress at the time of diagnosis or surgery, parents are not prepared to handle their child’s questions. Family members and friends also need to be educated about the surgery and/or prosthesis. This book provides a clear, non-threatening explanation to help parents handle such inquiries.

  • Author L Nancy Chernus-Mansfield, Ph.D. and Marilyn Horn, L.C.S.W
  • Paperback
  • 23 Pages

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2 reviews for My Fake Eye

  1. Michelle

    I was so glad to find this book to help my daughter and her friends, classmates, neighbors, etc. learn about her prosthetic eye. I really appreciate that the actual, technical names are used to describe the process of enucleation and the prosthetic fitting. Thank you for providing such a quality resource.

  2. peggy

    Great book. It explains the process clearly using real life photos. Good service with prompt delivery. I would recommend this book for anyone going through the loss of an eye as it really helped my son not be afraid.

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