Retaine® PM™ Nighttime Lubricating Ointment

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Retaine PM Nightime Lubricating Ointment has a thicker consistency than most drops and spreads out evenly across the tear film. Minimizes frequent instillations providing greater economy. Retaine® PM™ is recommended for moderate to severe conditions. Provides relief for severe dry eyes. Ideal for use at night before bedtime.

  • 5 g
  • For nightime use only

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20 reviews for Retaine® PM™ Nighttime Lubricating Ointment


    This product is the one used by my ocularist. It is all natural and works well.

    The NW Eye Design staff are excellent in handling orders.

  2. Frankie Bender

    This ointment is very difficult to locate. Erickson Labs is one of the few available vendors. The personal are very professional, well educated, very knowledgeable, and always provide great customer service

  3. Clare Cawood

    Keeps my eyes moist during the night. Very happy with it.

  4. stephen schuler

    After 60+ years I found a product that really worked for me.

  5. Mary

    Good product – I have extreme dry eye and this is one of the few which helps overnight.
    Service was very quick, and best of all, the price very reasonable!

  6. Ralph Worsnop

    Retaine? PM? Nighttime Lubricating Ointment, 3.5
    I ordered it
    You sent it
    I am using it
    What more could I want
    Except this product review wants me to do everything twice. Now three times

  7. Gary Hartley

    Product was out of stock initially, once it came back in stock I was notified and placed my order. Order arrived quickly and just as expected.

  8. Frankie Bender

    My Ophthalmologist recommended this nightly eye ointment. My husband and I have been using it for 2-3 years no more cornea tears from dry eyes at night.
    We also use the daily eye drops (Retaiane morning eye lubrication drops). Keeps eyes moist and lubricated all day long.

  9. Polly Smith

    Thank you so much for your prompt service to send the Retaine PM. Your customer care representative was very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.

  10. Patricia McLaughlin

    Received my order extremely fast. Impossible to find at any local pharmacies or grocery stores so nice to be able to order it online instead of having to make a trip to my eye doctor to buy it. Will definitely order from you again in the future.

  11. Luther Burrus

    I was surprised to receive my purchase so fast. As a result I shall strongly consider your company for any future purchases .

  12. F Bender

    My ophthalmologist suggested my husband and I use this ointment for our severe dry eyes at night. Several web sites offer the ointment, however their pricing is vastly different.
    Erickson Labs Northwest have best pricing out there. Diffidently would recommend this company for this and other products they supply.

  13. George Eichacker

    I was amazed at how quickly my order was filled

  14. Anonymous

    My items were delivered very quickly and in great condition. I highly recommend Erickson Labs!

  15. Trina

    Having recently experienced a worsening of my dry eyes, my ophthalmologist recommended Retaine Pm. hard to find in local drug stores, I had to resort to online ordering and Erickson Labs Northwest came to my rescue. The effects of the dry eye is now diminishing.

  16. Frankie Bender

    My husband has extremely dry eyes, resulting in several cornea tears. Our Optomologist recommended Retaine PM nighttime lubricating ointment one years ago and to date no more cornea tears. He also uses Retaine MGD drops in his eyes during the day.
    Great product and has saved us several trips to ER in middle of night and no more damage to his eyes.

  17. Cindy Kegley

    Exactly what I ordered, and very fast shipping


    I just received the small tube of Retaine late last week, and it is already empty. I don’t think it was full when I received it..

  19. steve heflin

    This is a very good product and is $1.25 lower than our local pharmacy.

  20. Dominic Tramonte

    Better deal than what I’ve been finding at walgreens

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