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Artificial Eye Suction Cups aid in the removal and placement of artificial or prosthetic eyes. They have thin walls for easier squeezing and are washable with soap and water.

  • Silicone
  • One plastic storage box per order included

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Weight 0.06 oz
Dimensions 1.38 × 0.5 × 0.5 in

Blue, Green

46 reviews for Silicone Suction Cup


    So far so good. Awesome is the word! Thanks!


    These are excellent quality, provide a necessary tool many of us use and need. The NW Eye Design staff provided, excellent, fast, professional service in shipping my order.


    These are excellent quality and work well. The NW Eye Design staff provided, excellent, fast, professional service in shipping my order.

  4. Sharon Dunteman

    We received the product very fast and was packaged very well,nice for a product that was needed quickly

  5. Kathy

    Fast fabulous service looks like good quality

  6. Danny McGrory

    Great Item,Great Price.Worked Perfectly!, Thanks

  7. Normand Bolduc

    Works very well!!!

  8. Dolores Sherman

    It’s great & doesn’t get sticky like my old one did.
    The only thing wrong is I didn’t get 3 cases–I only got one.


    this product is exactly what i’ve been looking for. i found similar products on ebay but felt they were too large and have been unable to locate these locally.

  10. Valarie Parris

    Fast shipping and love the product. Thank you

  11. Anonymous

    I was very pleased with how prompt my product was shipped and delivered.

  12. Mary Warfield

    Thank you for your prompt response to my order. It is great to know where I can purchase supplies for my prosthesis. Thank you.

  13. perry hockaday

    just what the doctor ordered

  14. jennifer bartell

    I have been ordering products from Erickson Labs for years now for my son who is a brain tumor/cancer survivor. Erickson Labs has always always always been very prompt with regard to shipping my order and I usually have it within two days at no extra cost. One time I mistakenly placed two orders and the owners called me herself and noticed I had made that mistake and corrected it for me. It’s hard to find a vendor who pays close attention to consumer orders and actually pick up the phone and personally call. For that reason alone, I will continue to order my products for my son from Erickson Labs for the rest of his life.

  15. Boyd Mounce

    Excellent service and product. Very quick response.

  16. Tracie Greely

    Great price and fast delivery on a difficult to find item that is impossible to do without. THANK YOU!!

  17. Stephen Taikowski

    Couldn’t find them in any local phamacy. Found Erickson online and oredered them and they came within 5 days! Yay!

  18. Michael Sanfilippo

    I need my materials I orders and it’s been 2 weeks!!! Refund?

  19. Daniel McAndrew

    Thanks very much.
    Recently had replaced my left eye and needed extra suction cups. Never dawned on me to search on the Internet before.
    Glad to find you as a source, now I am confident about having what I need.

  20. Phillip Mueller RN ADON

    Works really well for a great price!

  21. Patrick Clark

    Once again, I had an excellent shopping experience using Erickson labs. Thanks again for all the great work you do!

  22. Erih-Eduard Pelikan


  23. Kathy Blue

    this type was so easy to use. In the past, my husband had to insert my daughter’s scleral shell, but I was the one who had to squeeze the cup to remove the cup from the eye. This brand popped off like a dream!

  24. Kristy Anderson

    These suction cups work well for getting my prosthetic eyes out so they can be properly cleaned.

  25. Charles Boatman

    Too much postage for so little an item.

  26. Gary Rombal

    Fast delivery, just what we needed for one of our patients at work.

  27. Scott Laymon

    These are so easy to use that I am trying to train my 10 year old to use it by herself. She has been panic stricken since she lost her left eye due to a accident with a pellet gun that she was target shooting with. Thank you so much for this wonderful product, it is getting easier everyday.

  28. Beth Quenzler

    Excellent products , shipping is exorbitant! Costs more than the double order

  29. James Larscheid

    My wife needed a “backup” suction cup for her prosthetic eye. I was not expecting to receive it for several days but it arrived quickly! Thank you for quick responses!

  30. Jennifer Bartell

    The suction cups are a great product for my son’s who prosthetic eye. What is more important is the personable service I received from this company. I placed an order and meant to order 12, I made a mistake and somehow ordered only one and the shipping actually was more than the one cup. I only realized it after I printed my receipt. So I placed another order for 11 more, incurring another shipping charge. To my surprise, Rachel from Erickson Labs personally called me and let me know she could see the mistake and fixed it all for me, sending me one package,money charging me one shipping fee and gave me additional products at no charge. I found that type of personal friendly service to be the absolute best as you just don’t come across true genuine people these days. They could have let it go and said nothing, however she didn’t and they will certainly receive my repeat business forever more. So, thank you Rachel, your call and personal attention to my order actually made my day.

  31. Lorie

    These suction cups are just like the ones the eye doctor gave my mother. We lost it and needed a replacement, with extras in case we lose another one or two.

  32. Jerylann Wallis


  33. stephen honeywood


  34. Robert Tyson

    I chose 2 different suction cups. 1) rubber & 2) silicone to see which is better. I’m accustom to the rubber which has deteriorated over time. The silicone seems to have a better suction. The duration of time will tell which holds up better.

  35. Andrew Rawls

    The product was as specified. Delivery was as expected. The company did well.

  36. letty noches

    I am please with my purchase, it was exactly what I was looking for, I like the price and I love how fast it arrived!!thanks

  37. Joe


  38. Tina Mckee

    Quality products, and fast service. I’m totally satisfied.

  39. Jennifer

    Very reasonable price, order shipped out the same day I placed order.

  40. Amanda Rust

    I was pleased that the suction cups came in a little case ­čśë previous orders from other companies didnt send one. Thanks!

  41. Brenda Bradbery

    Just what I needed and a very fast delivery

  42. Jean

    Excellent product

  43. Heather johnson

    My item shipped extremely fast and it was exactly as described. I preferred the blue silicone cups but was promptly informed by email the next day that the blue ones were on back order. As it turned out, the blue ones arrived before my order shipped. I really appreciate the attention to detail they pay to each and every order.

    I will definitely be buying from this company again and referring them to friends and family.

  44. james peterson

    everything was satisfactory-both price and speed of delivery

  45. Debra Feehan

    Due to the flexibility of the silicone suction cups, they are easier to use than the rubber cups. The rubber cups are hard to squeeze (even after extensive use,) which causes not only the liquid to spill from the contact, but they can also cause eye injury simply due to the difficulty of use. The best suction cups that I have used are made of a soft rubber and larger in size (4.4 cm x 1.3 cm as opposed to the 3.5 cm x 1.1 cm). However, I can no longer find these cups and, therefore, am trying to make my own mold.

  46. Bryan Ferguson

    I have a prosthetic eye and had lost my suction cup to remove it. So I googled and found They had what I needed in stock and was shipped to me very quickly with no fuss. Great site and I will most definitely be using again.

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