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Eye Makeup — Looking Your Best with a Prosthesis

By August 18, 2020Prosthetic Eyes
eye makeup on a table

I’m a makeup lover. And when I got my prosthetic eye, I was determined not to let it stop me from wearing eye makeup on a regular basis. That was 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what to avoid to look and feel my best.

There’s no need to hide your prosthesis. You should embrace it! Whether you’ve had it as long as me or yours is brand new — I hope you can learn from my top tips for makeup with a prosthetic eye.

Stay Away From Dusty Shadow

Certain eye shadows, particularly drug store brands, can fall off easily or get flaky and dusty. This will irritate your prosthesis. While you don’t need a lot of shadows, it’s worthwhile to invest $25-50 in a decent palette at a reputable store like Sephora. Some of my favorites include Naked, Too Faced, and Urban Decay. A palette can last you one to two years depending on how much and how often you use it. Instead of buying multiple colors and palettes for a cheaper price, consider investing in one or two high quality ones.

Less is More

When it comes to eye shadow, or even makeup in general, less is often better. Over-applying eye makeup can inadvertently bring attention to your eyes. That may not be something you want. Instead, stick to more neutral colors to balance your prosthetic with natural eyes and brighten your face. A trick to keep in mind is to tap on your brush a few times before applying the shadow to your eyelids to get rid of any excess powder. A eyeshadow primer also does wonders to seal your shadow in place.

Balancing eyelids with light shadow

A common challenge with prosthetic eyes is that the eyelid can become a bit sunken and droopy over time. To bring out your eyelid or make it look fuller, add a thin layer of concealer to the center of your lid, then a light shimmery color on top of the concealer. On the natural eye, apply regular color. The idea here is to play around with the lighting effect so you can make an illusion of fullness with light color shadow.

If you’re experiencing eyelid discomfort, be sure to see the eyelid care products available on the Northwest Eye Design shop.


Trauma and surgery on the eye may inhibit its ability to grow lashes, or result in parse and uneven lashes. For many years, my natural eyelashes were longer and curlier than the prosthetic eye. Fortunately, there are many lash serums in the market that can aid with lash growth.

My personal favorite is Lash MD but there are many brands on the market.

Northwest Eye Design offers a full line of eyelash enhancers that have been proven to be effective. It does take as long as 6 weeks until you see results, but it’s definitely worthwhile to try. Longer and thicker lashes will make your eyes look much more attractive. Don’t forget to curl your lashes regularly with a curler before applying mascara.


A common mistake I see with eye makeup is overdoing the liner. Extremely thick or dark liner can make you look overwhelming. Instead, choose a dark brown liner with a fine point. Rather than making your eyes extremely defined with liner, put on a very thin light line to enhance your shape without bringing too much attention to your eye.


Cleaning is critical when it comes to wearing eye makeup. Sleeping with eye makeup overnight can be very irritating for your prosthetic, not to mention bad for your overall skin. When it comes to cleaning solutions, choose one that has less alcohol and more natural ingredients. I prefer to use coconut oil which you can find on Amazon. Use a cotton pad to apply makeup remover and then clean your lids as well as your lashes. Put on your regular prosthesis lubricant and rest away.

Enjoy Makeup with a Prosthetic Eye

The most important thing is to be confident in doing what’s right for you! I’ve had a prosthetic eye for many years, and I’ve never let it stop me from enjoying wearing makeup. Invest in learning some great techniques and purchase quality products and you’ll be on your way to a comfortable, more beautiful you!


Tina Nguyen

This post was written by Tina Nguyen