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The Incredible Story of my Prosthetic Eye – Reggie

By August 5, 2021April 4th, 2022Patient Stories
Reggie Flotlin smiles for the camera and demonstrates her prosthetic eye. Even her friends can’t tell the difference.

Reggie developed an inoperable cataract at a young age, leading to retinal detachment, a cornea transplant, and finally organ atrophy.

“It was this big, dense, white thing at first,” says Reggie, “and over time it became this shrunken red eyeball. I was so self-conscious and always hated having to look at people or have them look at me. Finally, I just couldn’t live with that pain anymore and knew I had to make a change and I decided to have it removed. I’m so glad I did!”

Reggie appreciated the play-by-play of information that she received from the team at Northwest Eye Design, almost as much as she enjoyed the eye patch that they gave her.

“I took great advantage of that patch,” she says. “Kids asked me if I was a pirate and, of course, I told them I WAS! (Arrrrg!)”

Once the process of creating her prosthesis began, Reggie couldn’t have been more excited. “The prospect of me having a ‘normal’ looking eye for the first time in my life made me giddy! The people at Northwest Eye Design couldn’t have been kinder or more reassuring about the process. Every one of them was there for me and always ready to help.”

She was so fascinated by the process, in fact, that she kept a photo record of every different process and procedure.

“Todd is a true artist!” says Reggie, “I have so much admiration for his craft, and nothing ever hurt. It was exciting to see the progress day by day. I could hardly wait to have it completed. Once he had it finished Todd asked if I wanted a tattoo on my prosthesis. WHAT? Of course I did! (Who knew that was a thing?) So, I got my spirit animal — a flamingo!”

Reggie says her favorite thing about her post-prosthesis experience is when someone can’t remember which eye she had done and she makes them guess.

“You won’t believe it but most people, even if they get right into my face, cannot tell which is which! I am so delighted with the outcome…I shouldn’t have waited so long! I now have total confidence in looking at people and having them look at me.”

The team at Northwest Eye Design is incredibly proud to hear such a wonderful review of her prosthetic eye experience!