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Seattle Central College School of Opticianry Visit

Seattle Central College School of Opticianry team

This week we were blessed with a great group of aspiring opticians who wanted to learn more about ocular prosthetics. Instructor Lori Fender has always wanted to come learn about prosthetics and in fact when she was a student, she suggested the idea. Her instructor said no. Now that Lori is the instructor, she said “YES!” and contacted us for a time to visit.

This group of first quarter optician students was very bright, full of excellent questions and so respectful to all the patients they met this week. We talked a lot about the various ways that Opticians can aid us and our patients in getting the very best cosmetic result. We also talked about how wearing glasses can really promote eye health and protection of the remaining eye.

Another fascinating development is cosmetic optics, which is using the lens of the prosthetic side to correct cosmetic deformities in the eyelids. For instance, if the entire eyelid opening was low, a prism could be added to the prescription lens, optically raising the prosthetic eye to match the fellow side.

We love being able to foster cooperation between eye fields to better the experience, cosmetics and health of all of our patients. Thanks again for all the insights and great questions!